Get To Know Us

Survivor Tribe is a support group for ANYONE who has been affected by ANY form of abuse. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, but you need a community of others "like you"-people who really understand what you are going through. That is exactly why Survivor Tribe was created. 


Here you will find the tools and resources you need to begin processing and healing from the trauma. Survivor Tribe will be a safe place to come and work through the process. Part of our site will function as a social media platform where you can openly post without judgment or fear that someone just won't understand.


Although many of our resources are available to anyone who visits the site, you cannot access the social media-style support group without a membership. This part of the website is completely private. Membership is free, but you must request to join. We want to make sure everyone in our tribe feels safe and free to heal in a supportive & accepting environment. 


What better time than now to join a community of survivors and let your voice be heard?


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Notice/Disclaimer: Survivor Tribe is not offering licensed therapy. We do not claim to be healthcare professionals. The purpose of this site is to provide a community for abuse survivors to help one another heal. It is always advisable for individuals to seek professional help when coping with trauma and mental distress. If you need immediate help or feel your life is in danger, You should contact 911 immediately. While efforts will be made to maintain confidentiality, as a policy, Survivor Tribe staff will report any reasonable suspicions that a child has been or may be in danger of abuse to law enforcement.